notebookAnthony “Tony" Walker was born on August 4th 1963 in Dayton, Ohio and grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio. Tony has 2 brothers (Todd and Keith) and 1 sister (Betsy). Tony came from a broken home as a lot of men do. Tony's father was a part of his life until the age of twelve. At that time Tony started drinking and before too long he was into other things like drugs. This is when Tony started to try to find something to fill the void in his life.

Tony's mother is a godly woman and Tony feels that her prayers at that time in his life are what gave him God's grace to survive that period of his life. At the age of twenty Tony married and had 3 beautiful children. After 23 years of marriage Tony got a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Tony was still seeking something to fill the void in his life. Being an introvert, Tony was always seeking to fit in. It was at this stage Anthony Walkerof his life that Tony sought out spiritual help. Tony started going to church and became an usher and started serving his life for God and the people. As he did this he witnessed so many people who were lost, broken, and hurting. They reminded him of himself when he was lost and searching for hope. As he was searching God's word it was put in his heart to write down everything he was reading on 3x5 index cards. Later, he realized how helpful it was referencing the versus that had the biggest impact on his life and that’s when he was inspired to create "the flip chart". Tony's main purpose of this project is to bring hope to people who feel hopeless and to help them find the peace that’s there for them, if they focus on the right things in life an become free at last.

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